Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Insight on Orion Energy Systems

The challenge with any publication photo shoot on location is figuring out --on the fly, mind you-- where, what, and how you are going to shoot the person or persons that are being featured.  And don't forget to include two more very important factors that add to the challenge: how much time the "subject(s)" has and how much they are willing to play.

The main objective in these shoots is getting images - images for the cover, the inside spread and secondary images.  This is not an easy task when a president or CEO has about an hour or less of their time to give. In a situation where there is no time to pre-scout a location or discuss concepts with your subject, there is always a bit of the "unknown" present.  You can concept all you want in your head beforehand, only to have all your brilliant ideas dashed upon arriving at the location.  You just never know what you're going to walk into.  You certainly hope you have a friendly and willing subject because this can make or break any shoot. You also hope you can find some subject matter that is visually pleasing, which adds to the story while making the photograph great.  Then - and we are still on the fly at this point - after a quick walk thru you create your list of cover, inside spread and secondary -- not that it won't change later.  After all, sometimes the best ideas do not end up being the best shots.  Oh, and did I happen to mention you haven't met your subject yet?  Last but not least is the set up and execution of the vision.  CLICK!

At times it can get kind of crazy, but this is what I thrive on.  And when it all comes together it feels like a walk in the park!

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