Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A.G. in Chicago

Here are some images from my latest shoot for American Girl.  Although this isn't everything we shot, these images were created over the course of three days in Chicago: two days in studio and one day at a montessori just outside of the city.
I'm very proud of these images for a couple of reasons:  I've wanted to work with American Girl for many years, so to be chosen to shoot this job was an honor.   They are such an incredible company in many ways.  The other is just having the experience of being part of their world for the better part of a week.  You have no idea what all is involved in one of these shoots.  They really know how to do it right.  Even the dolls have their own stylist!

If I've said it once I've said it a million times -- it takes a village.  And this was no exception.  American Girl's incredible village consisted of some real talent: models, producers, hair stylists, make-up stylists, set stylists, set builders, doll stylist, prop stylist, art directors, motivator, lab tech, myself and my two assistants.  

After walking thru the store in the Water Tower Place so many times over the years, it was Wonka-esque to be on set, bring it to life and watch it come together so seamlessly.  I'll cherish this one for a long time.

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Mark Waugh said...

I like all the all the pictures here. Very unique to look at. Kids are looks talented. Thanks