Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Year with No Snow

     In a year with almost NO SNOW (2011-2012), selling snowmobile clothing was a difficult task.  As with most seasonal merchandise, the product is shot months before the time arrives for them to hit the market.  Last year was a tough one for anyone in the WINTER INDUSTRY.
     With Castle, we will shoot this year what will come out next year.  This allows us to shoot in the appropriate weather for the clothing, while not having to rush the process for post production, printing and distribution.  However, last year's snowfall was almost non-existent.  It seemed like there was never a time that it snowed enough or lasted long enough to get our shooting in.  This was a problem but also a great opportunity.  We had no choice but to switch gears and come up with something else.  So we left the trails and hit the streets, alleys and abandoned buildings to bring the 2013 line out to the public.