Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Day at the Farm

Most of you reading this blog already know a bit about me, and that I'm no stranger when it comes to photographing kids.  Most of the time it's for a specific reason, ie: a kid drinking a glass of Quik, a baby in diapers or a little tike indulging in a triple scoop of ice cream.  What you DON'T usually see, are the many families and children that I shoot throughout the year, just for the fun of it.  It's an opportune time for me to just sort of, stand back and let things happen on their own, while I capture the moments that happen naturally.  It's a time when I am able to take photographs without thinking about a specific "vision".

The shoot was with 3 brothers, 2 dogs, and a few horses.  Normally, I wouldn't show these photographs, but, like the family I recently photographed, I also grew up with two brothers... out in the country.... surrounded by farms, dogs, horses, and tree forts.  And, for some reason, I just felt like showing a few of the photos I took of them this past fall.  I guess it sort of felt like looking at my own family photo album.  Except I had a sister too(I didn't forget about you sis).
There were plenty of precious moments - those "magical" moments that just happen completely on their own, without direction or decree.  I think I ended up processing out nearly 200 images.  However, I will spare you some time and show you just a few of those moments.