Tuesday, July 27, 2010


To and From.  These are some of things I saw and captured to and from Houston.


Kids nowadays; what are they thinking??  I'm sure you've heard that question before.  Well, just a couple of weeks ago, I found out what these kids nowadays ARE thinking.

Recently, I did a photo shoot involving MANY kids, from mere tots in grade school all the way up to text-savvy high school students (OMG!  LOL!).  I know how kids nowadays have a severely short attention span (and patience), so in order to help pass the time for the grade schoolers and make it less like torture for the OMG'ers , each student was given a notebook and a pencil.  I then told them to write their hopes and dreams or draw a picture or whatever they wanted to jot down.  Basically, ANYTHING to keep them pre-occupied while I took their photo!

And here is what these kids were thinking...