Thursday, April 19, 2012

Breakthrough Fuel

INSPIRATION.  Where does it come from?  There are billions of answers, right?  Well, for this particular shoot for Insight on Business Magazine, it came from a gas nozzle sitting on the back shelf of Craig's desk.
Going into this shoot I had little prepared in the line of concepts.  My goal was to come away with some well executed environmental portraits of our subject, Craig Dickman with Breakthrough Fuel, for IOB's April issue.  In short, it was a success.  However, upon seeing the gas nozzle my inspiration percolator was plugged in.  Although we could have walked away from this shoot feeling just fine about what we captured, I had some really fun ideas racing through my head that I couldn't walk away from without at least voicing.  Often my problem is that I can't keep my mouth shut.  So blah, blah, blah and a room full of laughter and raised eyebrows I start spewing out what's in my head.  I think everybody thought I was kidding.  It wouldn't be the first time I've said something just to get a reaction.  I was serious this time.  I really felt it was a great way to show the story. 
So many great ideas never see the light of day because of resources or willingness.  To make this shoot happen, a number of things had to be resourced and people willing.  One, get it done before deadline.  Two, have Craig be gracious enough to play along (HUGE!!!)  Third, round up the right gear to pull it off.  

I'm happy to say "WE DID IT" and it was worth every bit of effort!  Cheers to everyone who made the sacrifice for creativity.  "The Village" should be proud.  We did good!