Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Community Foundation Annual Report

     It's a new year and a new look for the Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region's annual report to the Community.  For the past 25 years we at Image Studios have collectively created the photography for the report to show case all the wonderful programs and people involved in making the Fox Cities a great place to live with the help of the Community Foundation.
     This year, instead of following the pattern that was created for the last quarter century, I wanted to breathe some new life into what is already an incredibly successful piece by capturing those who have been changed by acts of generosity in a much more personal way.
     With the help of A2Z Design and the great people at the Foundation, this was the result.

Sweet Ruby

    Photographing for health care publications is something that has kept me very busy over the past couple of years.  Working with subjects who have incredible stories of struggle and triumph is par for the course.  Unfortunately, sometimes with great success comes heartache.  I was informed that, a few months after we photographed Ruby Aebischer, she passed away.
    I photographed Ruby for a Calumet Medical Center publication featuring how important she has been in the community and in helping make CMC what it is today.  When I photographed her, she was very loving and happy.  I had so much fun making her laugh and bonding with her.  It's one of  the things I enjoy most about photographing people; they always become a piece of my heart.  She was truly a beautiful woman and her spirit will live strong in me and the community she cared so much about.

The MAD SKILLS of Chad Brady

As you may know, I have collaborated with A2Z Design and the Affinity team for the last year Photographing the cover stories for their direct to members @Affinity Magazine.  The unique difference with this magazine is that they have used non photographic art for the covers taking the magazine to another lever of Artistry.
The Fall 2012 Issue featured Appleton's own Chad Brady and his amazing skills with wood etched print making.  I was there to not only witness the print making part of the process but also to photograph it and create this time lapse video for you.

Along with some of the cover stories I captured.