Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Ahhhh UTOPIA- a place where the print industry is alive and thriving. Last Thursday I had the pleasure of photographing the U360 Competition.
Not only did I get to stay at the American Club in Kohler, WI (very nice) but more importantly, I got to meet and photograph some amazing designers (very cool).
It was interesting to be able to witness the judging process. 100s of print pieces lay across yards and yards or neatly linen covered tables. All waiting to be selected to move on to the next round or be left to serve those in which it was made and nothing further. I couldn't help but think about the process that goes through my head when choosing images for the Addys and why one thing wins over another. With that thought playing in my head and watching the judges deliberate over the entries, some answers were revealed, sort of. Now I can't tell you much about what was selected, but I can tell you that I was surprised. Shocker right? Don't get me wrong, most of the pieces that were selected were awesome. You know, those pieces that you see that instantly make you wish you had a hand in it. But, on the other hand, there were a couple pieces that still boggle my mind. The best way for me to describe it is "simple", and some times simple is what it takes.
Here's what I came away with from my U360 experience:

K.I.S.S. sometimes...

U360 Competition

We are introducing U360—a new competition for 2010 that is the next generation of U B the Judge. U360 is a celebration of the role print plays in today’s marketing mix. U360 will embrace excellence in communication, design, and execution of projects. '360' reflects that the judging will take on a more holistic or 'all around' assessment of the project - from concept and writing, imagery and design, and finally quality of print and bindery execution.

Our new competition will move from an event-based, peer judging platform to review by a North American panel of creative, communication, and print professionals. Winners will be included in a showbook distributed throughout North America, the Utopia website, and in press releases. An exhibit of the winning entries will be available for local market events through your Utopia sales representative (based on availability).

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