Monday, January 19, 2009

Remedy White

If any of you missed last Saturday night's opening for Remedy White, the areas' premier collection of Lowbrow and Pop Surrealist art, I strongly recommend taking a trip to 301 Main St. De Pere to check it out.  They have a great space with even better work.  The vibe at the opening was electric;  lots of familiar faces, great music, plenty of food and drink and creativity flowing from every corner of the room.   
Tamara McLean is the Gallery Director as well as one of the artists in the show.  Along with Robb Mommaerts (as seen in the photo), and a rich kaleidoscope of other artists, ranging from photography to painting to incredible mixtures of computer graphics,  it really is a super show.  It truly is refreshing to see something so contemporary, right here in our own backyard.  
Great work to all the artists involved!

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