Tuesday, January 20, 2009

"I executed Matt's baby"

Do you ever find yourself in a situation where somebody asks you a question, but at that moment you don't have time, or pecking out a reply in an e-mail just won't do? This is pretty much how it went down when I posted the images from the Spark project on my Facebook page. The response was great, but the questions were too much. So... I decided to break it down to "I executed Matt's baby". Maybe not the best way to sum it up, but it worked for the time. Perhaps now I should explain it a bit better.
Matt Bellisle and I have worked on numerous projects together over the years, but none quite like the image piece we executed for Spark Advertising last summer. Five incredible ideas, created by Matt, with a lot of tweaks and twiddles between the two of us to come up with something really special. With the help of Image Studios's own Julie Gardner (stylist extraordinaire), a few power tools and some incredibly open minded models, we were able to make the imaginable, reality.
In order to grasp the whole experience of this project, checking it out first hand would be your best bet.


Julie said...

i'd like to comment on your bio and profile... i know, it's none of my damn business... anyway, considering that has never stopped me before, here goes.

LOVE THE BIO (great verbage), fun, interesting, and informative dope! As for your interests in your profile..... SERIOUSLY DUDE!!!!!!!! world politics and dutch golden age painting.... come on!!! this is suppose to be interests from YOUR life.... :)

Julie said...

ahhhh haaaa.... i've finally made the connection, kaukauna, little chute, the dutch thing..... got it!
HEE HEE.... :)